The Faery Chronicles
Book One: Anglebert Crosses the Great Water

By Ann Brennan

Ann Brennan's new book is a fast-paced adventure novel about an Irish Faery who, on impulse, but with a sense of destiny, travels with a Human visitor to her Farm and Forest home in New Brunswick.

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The Wisdom of Beauty
By Stephen May

The Wisdom of Beauty is an artist’s credo, a statement of personal and philosophical reflection on the “art phenomenon” in human experience.

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Telling the Stories of the Saint John River Valley and New Brunswick

Chapel Street Editions publishes fine books on the natural history, human history, and cultural life of the St. John River Region of New Brunswick, Canada.

We are dedicated to publishing the work of writers and artists of our region, and to publishing books that advance an understanding of the relationship between the natural world, culture, and human adaptation to place.

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Meduxnekeag River Sunset, Woodstock NB. Photo by Brendan Helmuth

Taapoategl & Pallet
Winner of the
2018 NB Book
Award for fiction

Congratulations to Peter Clair on receiving The 2018 New Brunswick Book Award for fiction.

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The latest from the George Frederick Clarke Project

The two latest releases in the George Frederick Clarke Project are now available. David Cameron's Adventures and David Cameron's Return are exciting adventure novels set in colonial Acadia. Written in 1950 and 1952, these novels for young adults will delight readers of all ages.