David Cameron's Adventures

George Frederick Clarke

Edited by Mary Bernard

Illustrated by Will Nickless

Kidnapped in Scotland...

          ...Enslaved in Virginia

                     Escape to Acadia...

In 1744 David Cameron, a Scottish boy, and Tomah, Chief of the Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet), are sold into slavery on a Virginia plantation. They team up for a daring escape and, thanks to Tomah’s knowledge and bravery, outwit their pursuers.

They head north through the wilderness and the dangers of the French and Indian War, aiming for the safety of Tomah’s home village, Medowktek (Meductic), on the shore of the Wolastoq (St. John River).

At the heart of the story is the respect and trust that create a bond of friendship between the resilient young Scot and the wise and resourceful Chief of the Wolastoqiyik.

In this fast-paced historical adventure novel, George Frederick Clarke proves once again that he is a master storyteller of New Brunswick.


Paperback  •  218 pages  •  ISBN 978-1-988299-14-3

David Cameron’s Adventures was first published in 1950; it is the first of George Frederick Clarke’s two historical novels. David is a leading character in both of them—a boy in this book, a young man in its sequel, David Cameron’s Return. Both books are set in the mid-eighteenth century, largely in the part of Acadia that is now the province of New Brunswick.

This new edition has an Afterword for readers who would like to learn more about the book’s background.

About the Author

George Frederick Clarke (1883-1974) is one of New Brunswick’s best-known writers. He lived in Woodstock his whole life and published thirteen books.


About the Editor

Mary Bernard is editor of the George Frederick Project, which is bringing his books back into print. She is Clarke’s granddaughter and lives in Cambridge, England.



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