Twice to the Gallows

Bennie Swim and the Benton Ridge Murders

​Dominique Perrin

The tragic story of Bennie Swim’s crime, and the legal scandal of his hanging have been legendary in New Brunswick folklore.

Now, thanks to Dominique Perrin’s extensive research and creatively written non-fiction novel, the complex scope of this story is presented for the first time.

The author provides a highly credible account of what brought Bennie Swim to Benton Ridge with a gun in his pocket. He gives us a gripping account of the crime and its aftermath. He lays out a detailed narrative of the legal proceedings and the infamous hangings. In addition, the narrative provides a striking view of the social and cultural life of the times.

Twice to the Gallows vividly portrays the disastrous consequences that can unfold from an accumulation of seemingly unavoidable circumstances. This is the classic definition of tragedy.

In bringing his disciplined research and creative imagination to the Bennie Swim story, Dominique Perrin has made a significant contribution to New Brunswick literature and cultural history.

About the Author

Dominique Perrin served in the Canadian Armed Forces for twenty-six years. Since retirement he has become a jazz musician, playing alto saxophone. He regularly plays in jazz clubs of several European cities. He also performs and gives lessons in advanced saxophone in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where he lives.

Paperback • 230 pages • $25 (CAD), $20 (USD) • ISBN 978-1-988299-24-2 • Published 2019/06/11