Portraits and Stories of Grand Manan Island: Photographs and Text by

Peter Cunningham

A History of Cinema

David Folster

The Loyalist Dream on the Island of Grand Manan

Wendy Dathan

A Tribute To A Kennebecasis Valley Homestead Farm

Lee Whitney

The Life of George Frederick Clarke, Master Storyteller of New Brunswick

Mary Bernard

How New Brunswickers Confronted Climate Change and Redefined Progress

Edited by Daniel Tubb, Abram Lutes, Susan O’Donnell

A Chronicle of the Scovil Family

Virginia Bliss Bjerkelund

Elizabeth Robinson Scovil 1849-1934

New Brunswick’s Pioneer of Professional Nursing

Virginia Bliss Bjerkelund

Three Quakers Check Their Compass

George M. Strunz, Michael R. Miller, Keith Helmuth

and Another

George Frederick Clarke

Edited by Mary Bernard

Buried History in Central New Brunswick

George Frederick Clarke

Edited by Mary Bernard

George Frederick Clarke

Edited by Mary Bernard

And the Heritage of the St. John River Valley

Keith Helmuth

Presence • Beauty • Survival

Keith Helmuth

A Model of Literary Exploration

Allison Connell

Bennie Swim and the Benton Ridge Murders

​Dominique Perrin

And Other Observations

Ken Homer