Who Are We?

Last Poems: 2016–2017

Edith Hoisington Miller

“In this beautiful collection from the last year of Edith’s life, … dynamic movement and energy … is interwoven with a magical quietness — the special holy stillness in which one is but a tiny speck in an indescribably beautiful world.

“Edith Miller asks questions — questions about who we are … She continually compels us to look outside of our “puffed up” human existence, to come to quiet so that we can learn to see, with unclouded eyes, the world that surround us. … With a feeling of urgency, she asks us to open ourselves to it all.

“Edith’s poems do not provide answers, but lead us to ask our own questions. This collection of poems may be small, but it is mighty.”

– from the Foreword by Janet Thom Hammock

About the Author

Edith Miller(1932-2017) was a participant in the artistic and cultural life of Sackville, New Brunswick for over thirty years. She and her husband have lived in Fredericton for most of the past two decades. She was active in social justice work and was a dedicated ally of First Nation People. Edith is the author of Crow Impressions and Other Poems (2016).

Paperback • 50 pages • $15(CAD), $12(USD) • ISBN 978-1-988299-22-8 • Published 2019/03/09